Frequently asked questions

Is food supplied with the birthday party booking?

We don't supply any party food with your booking, but we're happy to provide you with a food table if you wish to bring in any food or cake for your party guests.


How much does it cost?

Prices vary based on size and shape of the ceramic and generally start from $20 for a figurine.


Is there a studio / glazing fee?

All our prices include a studio fee and cover the glazing and firing costs of your ceramics.


I'm not arty or creative is there something I can still do?

Painting ceramics is for everyone even if you're not very creative there is something to pick and paint for every skill level.


How long before I can collect my fired ceramic piece?

The glazing and firing process takes around 7 to 10 days and is this long as we first need to let your paint dry, then we add a clear glaze coating to the ceramic which brings out the painted colours and gives your ceramic the shine. We then carefully load your ceramic into our kiln and fired it at over 1000°C, once the kiln cools we then remove your ceramic, do a quality check and then get it ready for your collection.   

How long do your sessions run for?

Sessions during peak periods (school holidays and weekends) run for 2 hours.

Are your paints non-toxic?

All our ceramic paints are water based, non-toxic and can be easily washed out of clothes. They are also food safe should they be accidentally consumed.


Do you help with the baby hand and foot prints?

We are happy to help with the baby hand and foot prints but any other designs (writing) needs to be done by you.

Take a look at our baby hand and footprints page for more information.


What happens if my ceramic is broken or the glazed finish doesn't look right?

The ceramic is made from an organic material and occasionally some irregularities do surface during the firing process, which can result in a crack, chip or irregularity in the glaze. 

We will offer you a refund or voucher for any ceramic damaged or faulty during firing.

We don't however offer refunds for irregularities in glazing, but we will try to re-glaze the piece and do our best to make it look good.​


Do you offer group discount?

If you were to make a booking for 10 or more painters we can offer a 10% discount.

If you have any further questions not answered her, please contact us on our Facebook page.

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