Baby hand and foot prints

We specialise in creating beautifully painted prints on the ceramics of your choice. 

Here at Fired ceramic we take great pride in the quality and ease of our baby hand and foot prints. Our skilled staff will guide you through the process and help make it as easy and effortless as possible.

We have a large range of examples that will help you decide how you want the prints displayed and with what message. The prints are a great way of creating a lasting memory as the ceramics once glazed can last a lifetime.


The process is very simple as we gently unfold and paint the hand or foot of your gorgeous baby with a non-toxic, water based, easy washable paint.  We then press the hand or foot onto a plate, mug, bauble or any other ceramic that will fit a print. Once you are happy with the print, you are then able to paint anything else you would like on the pottery. From a message to a fun design changing the print into anything you like. We have many fun examples that will feed your creativity.

You can also purchase some treats, cold drinks or coffees available from our kitchen, which you can enjoy while painting.


Bookings are recommended as the studio can get very busy. To book feel free to contact us on our Facebook page, or ring the store on 0423 325 057 and talk to one of our lovely staff.


The perfect gift for Grandparents and Family members!

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