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Create, paint, relax and join us at Fired in our love of art.

Fired Ceramic is a well established premier pottery / ceramic painting studio in Perth. Our aim is to give our customers a fun relaxing environment to be creative and have an enjoying art experience.


We have a large range of ceramics for every occasion and add new ceramic pieces often (Please signup to our newsletter below to get updates on new items and events). We also experiment with new art techniques from time to time, these include canvas painting, paint pouring, bead making or wine glass painting. If it looks fun, we love to give a try.


How does ceramic painting with us work?

Well, you select your piece from our range of unpainted ceramics (prices vary depending on size and shape). 

You paint it, we glaze it and fire your masterpiece in our specialised kiln (around 1000°C).

Your shiny new piece is then ready for collection (within 7-10 days).


We have a range of different tools to help you create your artwork and a selection of examples to help inspire your creativity.

Our team is also happy to advise you with ideas and techniques, however we won't paint it for you. 

The only price you pay is the price of the unpainted ceramics you pick, all paints, glazing, firing and the use of the studio is included.


You can also purchase some treats, cold drinks or coffees available from our kitchen, which you can enjoy while painting.


Bookings are recommended as the studio can get very busy. To book feel free to contact us on our Facebook page, or ring the studio on 0423 325 057 and talk to one of our lovely staff.

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